Volatility Factor Pro 2.0 arrived

I started testing Volatility Factor several times, but it has not brought acceptable results so far. Now Volatility Factor Pro 2.0 is here, and I am browsing its website with mixed feelings.

Among other things, I have my doubts, because I can see a lot of mistakes at once, that cause distrust. As I see now, I cannot paint a positive picture of it. Anyone who expects me to do so, please do not read on.

First, I often read the promise that future updates, upgrades will be free. So was in case of the Volatility Factor, too. Then, why should I pay for this robot now? If it is completely different from its predecessor, why did they not give it a new name and sell under that? If it is an upgrade of the old, why is it not free?

But mostly I was wary because of the account statements. The demo account on the site, that has – probably just “accidentally” – the Volatility Factor Live title, seems to have been running for 2 years. Were they only waiting to test it properly before launching it since then? The Real account can possibly explain the launch date.

What I mean is that it finally had four consecutive months when the robot did not lose too much. So they are confident that this four-month result can quickly sell lot of it. But the myfxbook statement shows that these four months are only a small part of the live account. Click on the “Custom Analysis” sign on the page and select the All menu at the duration. Then, clicking on the Analyze button, you can see that this robot can make not only a straight result chart, but also a “zigzag”. So, we can see only in this way that until 7 February 2017, the robot lost the previously acquired 90% profit, it almost halved the account. (The highest drawdown was 25%, but unfortunately there were  3 after each other, on the GBPUSD pair.) From then, the result chart actually goes up nicely.

The result of EURUSD is beautiful although. If it can do this in the long run, it will be worth investing in it. But who knows when such a series of halving on the GBUSD pair will come again? Maybe we should not run it on this, or at a much lower risk. For any case, I will look at it in half a year to check if these statements are still here and what they show. Or they will be replaced, what will result in loss of trust again.

The strategy is the previously described grid and therefore it is dangerous. We can see this on the declines.

The website of the robot, where you can also buy it with a 60-day money-back guarantee:

Volatility Factor PRO 2.0

Its price is US $ 247 with special offer at the time being, then it will cost US $ 347.

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