The FapTurbo 3 Forex Robot was Launched

The first Forex robot that I acquired was a FapTurbo. My enthusiasm lasted for several months, but unfortunately, I did not get rich from it. Then, a few years ago, version 2 was launched as well. I tried it on multiple accounts, but my financial problems were not resolved eventually. Now, FapTurbo version 3 is available. After that, I do not know what to expect.

I continue the presentation for the sake of order, because the item I find most relevant, the live account statement, is sadly missing from the website. Instead, there are many, many pages of marketing texts. So, they know that facts can be replaced with marketing texts in case of some people. But, we are not like that. For now, I will not try it. I will read forums for a while and I will look for live account statements of users, and then I will summarize the lessons learned.

In the meantime, if you would like, you can test for free for a week now. You do not have to buy it after that either, because it has an affordable monthly fee, only USD 39.95.

You can find here the robot’s website: FAPTURBO 3

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