The Claudius Forex EA


The grid-martingale strategy does not belong to my favorites. Will anybody be ever manage to create a robot with it which can withstand everything? I do not know, but Claudius Forex EA uses the above strategies.

The good thing is that the page begins immediately with a live account statement. Unfortunately, it is not long enough, it is only one and a half months old at the time of writing the article.

Its result is nice, many people would accept the nearly 10% average monthly yield on their accounts, too. With the help of, you can see very clearly that floating around -35% occurred already during this short period. So, this robot is not suitable for jittery traders. There might well be a much higher floating, which could threaten even the whole account.Time will show how long it will eventually go.

Otherwise, its website is not too flashy and it is not full of marketing texts. The support is very fast and helpful at the time being. If you cannot do something, they are happy to help in the setting remotely.

The cost is really reasonable, since the robot for one live account can be purchased for only $ 99. It is suitable for small investors as well, because as I see, the smallest account size, from which it is worth using it, starts from $ 800. Those traders who use more accounts should buy the version for two accounts for $ 179.

The robot’s website, where you can also buy it: Claudius Forex EA

My demo account is already running, and you can it track here:

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