New Forex Robot – Forex Crescendo

The creator of this forex robot is Andrea Salvatore. His job was to testing EAs for one of the big guys in Forex.
After almost 6 months of scrutinizing over 100 EAs, Andrea came up with Forex Crescendo.

What does Forex Crescendo know?

  • It gained $10,531.90 in under 8 months, in a live real money trading account. The account started with $7,958.70 and it now stands at $18,490.60.
  • The Forex Crescendo gained 132.33% in a record 8 months.
  • The average monthly gain for the last 8 months has been 16.86% per month.
  • The closed trades draw down has been 5.31%.
  • There has been no single losing month.
  • There has been no single losing week.
  • There has only been one losing day out of more than 160 days of trading (that loss was -$14.27) as compared to the best day in which it gained $220.89.
  • The profit factor is an average of 2.53 times the loss.

Their opinion is that the best performing trading robots were always simple.

Forex Crescendo is just $149.00! And it comes with 60 Day No Question Money Back Guarantee!

More information :

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