Multirobot account again

My old readers perhaps recall that I experimented earlier with running more robots simultaneously on one account. With the help of this, the yield curve can be made smoother, and if you do it with mindfullness, your result will grow as well. For the first goal, I do not think much explanation is needed, because the robots included in the group will not have a bad or good day at the same time. As they use different strategies, they may offset the higher fluctuations on the chart of results.

The result is rising only moderately, because we cannot allow the robots to run with the same risk on a common account, like when we put them on separate accounts. After all, there are strategies that work with high draw-down in some cases, and if more of these robots would claim capital at the same time, it could easy run out. So, obviously, I only give more freedom to those robots, that trade only one position within a short time-frame.

Only one of the robots survived the previous experiments, and that is the WallStreet Asia robot on the GBPCAD pair. Unfortunately, it trades very rarely this year. But, many of the robots that are currently being tested successfully applied by me for a common contest. I have run such a test account since last year, that I had to relaunch because of EOS.

Currently, the following Forex robots run together on the same account:

WallStreet Asia robot on the GBPCAD pair, SignalSteps, FX Charger on EURUSD, FX Charger on AUDUSD, EOS, Trend Detector. The result of my account can be seen here:

A successful experiment has been going on for several months by copying these results on a live account. Later, I would like to share this with you, so that more of you can benefit from the results of a successful account.

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