Introduction of the Wall Street Evolution 2.0 Forex Robot

Each Wall Street owner has been notified that a new version of the popular Wall Street Forex robot was launched. Unfortunately, this upgrade is not free for anyone, so who wants to try it, needs to invest some money to buy the Wall Street Evolution 2.0 Forex robot.

The official sale began on November 1, from this date it is available for USD 347. Sale is carried out through Clickbank, which ensures a cash back guarantee.

Let’s see, in what aspects the new version is different from the earlier. A broker-spy feature was included that lets you keep track whether your broker wants to hamper you with negative creep, high spreads or delayed fulfillment on your account. The professional protection system is supposed to ensure that you can keep a certain profit that has already been accrued on your account. So, the exit strategy was thought over again.

The broker protection system is not new, because the previous version contained it, too. If it is turned on, the robot submits the stop order only when it is necessary, so the broker cannot calculate with it in advance and take advantage against us. The disadvantage is that if our MetaTrader loses contact with the broker, it can cause a loss for us, so I certainly would not use this function.

The filter banning trading in case of high spread is not new either. What can be useful is the function, which periodically checks whether there is a newer setting for the robot. This has only happened upon reboot so far. Trading frequency is expected to increase according to the specification.

I am still not convinced about the effectiveness of the new version, and will be able to tell my opinion after running my own account for a couple of months. However, the account statements on the web site are acceptable.

I bought it quickly at the discounted price so that I can test it and can share the results with you.

You can find the robot’s website here, and there you can buy it:  

WallStreet Evolution 2.0

You can see the demo account statement here. For now, I run it on all three recommended pairs, but the accounts on the website show that only GBPUSD will be the winning pair:

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