Introduction of the MyBitcoinBot Forex robot

I confess frankly, am not enthusiastic about the crypto currencies. But luckily. I do not have to own such money in order to take advantage of its volatility, I still can make money with Bitcoin, with the help of the MyBitcoinBot Forex robot.

First, what is a crypto currency. It is virtual money issued in a limited amount, which is not dependent on any country or any national bank. Only the supply and demand influence its exchange rate. So there may be enormous fluctuations in the exchange rate within days or even hours. For this reason, it does not match my investment purposes. But trading the fluctuations using MyBitcoinBot, we can still make good money on it.

The live account statement on the website is not long, but pretty nice. I put the statement here, because it can correctly show the average:

Because of the short account history, we cannot see much on it, but what it has traded so far is pretty impressive. The installation and setup are not different from those of other robots. In addition, similar to Signal Steps. only one copy client is running on our PC, the logic managing the trading runs on a server.

Accordingly, it cannot be bought, but in practice you can only subscribe to it. The annual fee is US $ 297, but if you want to pay monthly, the fee is US $ 39/month. Of course, a 30-day money back guarantee is offered with it.

The website of the robot, where you can also buy it:


My own account has just been launched, you can keep track of it here. From my previously existing partner brokers, I have chosen FxOpen, because there I can trade with Bitcoin as well.

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