Introduction of the Lion FX Trader Forex Robot

It is always a pleasure when I receive a notice about the launch of a new robot. I am eager to see both the website and the live account statement. Will this be the next that I will try? This is what happened in the case of Lion FX Trader as well.

I like the simple web pages, because the product must be good there, since there isn’t any long marketing text. For me, the point is the live account statement anyway, which fortunately can be found here too.

The monthly average is excellent, around 25% at the time of writing this post. There are quite wonderful months and there are weaker ones also. So, its result is highly volatile. This is not very attractive, but it does seem realistic at least and not manipulated. The maximum drawdown is fortunately not much bigger than the monthly average. So, if it makes a loss, there is a chance that it will offset the deficit next month. Quite well. An account launched at the end of January 2106, ten-folded the deposit amount in 11 months. Who would not want to own such a thing?

The robot is most probably the product of Russian developers. (The account on the site is held in rubles). The trading strategy that is secure, robust and profitable at the same time, was developed after several years of research.

The logic of trading monitors and analyzes the fluctuations between support and resistance lines with the help of indicators and mathematical analysis. It is a really unique trading algorithm (according to the website). It does not use fixed take profit and stop-loss values, but it continuously analyzes the market and decides on the basis of that when to open and close the positions. (This can be a problem in case of vps failure, but comes in handy against fraudulent brokers. Fortunately, both of these are quite rare). It closes the trades opened in the wrong direction early, and tries to hold the ones opened in the right direction as long as possible, trying to get more yield, thereby maximizing the available profit. It does not use hazardous solutions, so any Martingale system. Its logic allows the use of any broker and account type, but it is worth trying the demo first. The smaller the spread of the account is, the more productive the robot. The minimum amount to begin trading is 100 dollars.

The price of the robot is not high either, it costs 137 dollars when running on three accounts and 157 dollars for five accounts. A small disadvantage is that we cannot change the account numbers later on. So if you try one on the demo, you can upload it to less live accounts. For those who have only a few accounts, it cannot be a problem. If it works at a broker, more people can share one robot.

You can find the web site of the robot here: LION FX TRADER

You can track my demo account here:

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