Introduction of the Inertia Trader Forex Robot

Lately, we are seeing quite a lot of new robots. There is a new launch almost every week. Now, I present the Inertia Trader Forex robot, which has also appeared recently.

Fortunately, I do not need to look for the account statement that is important for me on the site, as it is immediately displayed.

There are beautiful months in the statement, especially November. It made a very nice series of positions on November 9th, on the day of the US presidential election. This immediately shows that the robot trades actually the larger movements generated by the news. So, if there are no events that would generate major movements, it happens that it cannot produce meaningful results for several months, only small losses. So, this Forex robot is suitable only for patient people. Luckily, we do not have to expect losses caused by risky strategies. Because of trading the news, it is possible that it achieves better results on fast vps that is close to the brokerage than from a distance, but unfortunately I cannot test this right now.

There is an interesting thing on the web site hidden between the marketing texts. It describes what kind of Forex robots we should beware, and seeing what signs we need to be suspicious. But fortunately, it lists the signs that indicate a fair offer. It is worth, if for nothing else, visiting the website for this reason.

Of course, all this is made in order to present the Inertia Trader, that meets all the above criteria.

We know the following about its operating principles: The basis of trading is the inertia of the price movement. It continuously monitors the market, waiting for a definite direction of the exchange rate movement. If this seems to be strong enough to continue, it opens a position in the direction determined by the last candle (it trades on 5 and 15-minute charts). The open positions have strict stop-losses and three times higher take profit levels in comparison to those to protect the account and to ensure the adequate profit.

Since it trades on the basis of the closing candles, according to the description, the result of testing carried out on past data is very similar to the live account trading. This type of strategy does not require further optimization as it works under all market conditions.

It is sold for USD 347 (the price was formerly 147) with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, I have not noticed this yet, but apart from this, a seven-day free trial is available. (There is not always a beneficial movement during the test week!) If you do not cancel it during the trial week, its price will automatically be debited to your credit card.

The robot’s website, where you can also buy it:



You can track my demo account here:

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