Introduction of the FXMower Forex robot

The website of the FXMower forex robot is characterized by a live account statement full of excellent results. Now, is this a good or wrong expert advisor?

Free of marketing texts, the website makes an impact only with the results. These are eye-catching. Because, who does not want a monthly 20% average yield? The live account statement is almost too good.

The V-notches shown on the chart of results clearly reveal the Martingale strategy. Interestingly, you can see quite a lot of accounts running with Martingale strategy on the sites of the signal providers. But a bank statement longer than one year is rare as a white crow. Why? Because this strategy wants to offset shortages caused by loss-making trading with a following trading launched with a much larger size. If that fails, it opens an even bigger position. As long as the account is depleted. So it’s just a matter of luck, how long it runs. But, in the meantime, it can produce some profit. I do not recommend it for risk-averse traders. Otherwise, a decline barely above the monthly average is fully acceptable on a statement over one year.

The FXMover trades the EURUSD pair on M30 timeline. In theory, it is not sensitive to the differences between the various brokerage accounts, but this will turn out anyway.

The mid-range priced robot costs USD 220 + VAT and it is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee

The robot’s website, where you can also buy it: FXMower

You can track my demo account here:

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