Introduction of the FXCharger Forex Robot

After the previous, I think unsuccessful robots, the FxBuilder team did not give up. Now, here is their recent offer, the FXCharger, with quite nice-looking results. Of course, I should not give an opinion in advance, so now I only present it, then it will turn out whether it stands the test of time?

Fortunately, there is a live statement on the site, so let’s start with that. There are two of it.

One shows the results of the robot running on the EURUSD, and the other shows those on the AUDUSD pair. The average yield of around 30 and 15% are considered outstanding and this can make us forget about the risks of running the robot. The statements are only a half-year-old, but it would be better if they were two years old, because the robots that I saw working with the grid-martingale strategy usually do not operate for a long time. In any case, the pretty straight result chart is appealing, but who knows how long it will continue and when will it break. In any case, do not be surprised if there is a high floating sometimes during the operation :

Otherwise, the FXCharger is supposed to use a stop-loss, but it seems that it did not have to be activated many times so far. The stop-loss prevents the robot from losing more than the pre-set level of loss, even if the connection with the server is interrupted or the system freezes. Anyway, the Advanced version allows the setting of all parameters, so this Forex robot can even be optimized for other currency pairs.

The Basic version can otherwise be used only on the EURUSD pair, if you want to use it also on AUDUSD, you need to buy the Advanced version. That can be run on one live account and on three demos. If you want to run it on both pairs at the same time, do not expect the sum of the monthly averages of the two sample accounts, because you need to set each to a lower risk level, if you run them at same time to avoid zeroing out the account in a situation when there are big open positions in each pair.

The Advanced version is priced at USD 259 and a 30-day money back guarantee is

You can find the web site of the robot here:


You can track my demo accounts here:


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