Introduction of the Forex Fury Automated Forex Robot

I’ve been examining this robot for a long time. I’m still not convinced that it is worth trying it, but I’m curious, so I started to test it. You can find my account statement below.

It had no live account statement earlier, so I did not deal with it. But recently, a live account statement was published on the web page of Forex Fury:

It is true that it starts only from May, but at least it shows that they dared to run it on a live account, risking their own money. The chart rises nicely and it has larger and smaller setbacks. The rate of these was below the monthly average yield until now, that is acceptable for me. The monthly return is nice with the current 36.5%. I’m curious what this account will look like in six months.

I have read about its strategy that it is a grid scalper. That means, it opens several positions, but trades the little movements. Trading is narrowed for an hour a day, between 22-23 GMT, when the market is the least volatile. It can open more positions at the same time and we can see on the demo account already that is has stop loss. I think the maximum draw down is set to 20%, the page of the robot states this and the account statement shows this as well. So, it works at low risk compared to the yield. It is not sensitive to the differences between the accounts of various brokerage firms, but it is recommended to choose an account with lower spreads for running it. Of course, it supports ECN accounts, too. The system is optimized to the GBPUSD pair and it has to be run only on that.

It is available in two versions.

One of them has one license, it can be used on one live and on unlimited demo accounts for $ 229.99.

The other one has two licenses, and can be used on two live and unlimited demo accounts for $ 439.99.

The website of the automated Forex robot can be found here: Forex Fury

My own demo account can be followed here:

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