Introduction of the Forex Cyborg Forex robot

While browsing the internet, I found the Forex Cyborg Forex robot. I looked more closely at its statement, and found it interesting.

Why do I like it? I did not find any signs on the live statement that would indicate grid or martingale strategies. Moreover, its monthly average result met my expectations. Floating was also lower than the monthly average. Beyond this, it was nice that the otherwise rare loss-making positions are not running too long, and are closed with a stop as narrow as possible.

I could not find out anything about the robot’s strategy. Hopefully, while testing it on the demo account, one or two things will be revealed. But if they will not, and the robot will bring the average of around 10% on my account as well, I will not be bothered by not knowing its operating principle.

It can be obtained in two versions. The basic version is able to trade 7 foreign currency pairs, while the other is made to trade 14 foreign currency pairs. Pricing is complicated as each version can be purchased to run on 1 or 3 live accounts. The Basic version running on one account costs EUR 299.99. We can say that it is not cheap, but as stated by the website, we get a professional robot for it, which will definitely be worth using in the long run. But, the Standard version that can run on 3 accounts for EUR 399.99 is more beneficial. The 14 currency pair-versions cost EUR 499.99 and 599.99, depending on the number of accounts they can be used on.

The robots are sold with a 30-day money back guarantee, as might be expected.

The description states that it is not sensitive to brokerage and account type. That’s why I decided to open a demo account for it at my favorite brokerage, Think Markets, and upload the bigger, 14-pair version.

The website of Forex Cyborg, where you can also buy it, is here:

Forex Cyborg

You can track my demo account here:

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