Introduction of the EOS Forex Expert Advisor

This week, I received a notice that a new robot, the EOS Forex EA was launched. EOS stands for Empire Of Scalping. From there, it started to be interesting for me, because by its name, short-term, quick trading can be expected in periods free of volatility, in this case around midnight.

I like these simple websites, where they do not want to sell the robot with tales, but with live account statements. You can find three of these straight away. Since speed is important in case of this robot, it can significantly affect the results, on what kind of account and how far from the server of the brokerage we trade. It is therefore recommended to use an ECN account, and possibly on a vps in the city of the brokerage firm, because of rapid communication .

So, let’s look at the nicer live statements:

The results between 18-22% are quite impressive, especially because the corresponding drawdown values are lower than these. This is shown on the chart as well. It is a nice rising curve, and it has no major setbacks. So, we do not take high risks with the medium and the general risk settings. The ratio of the capital and the position size has not been revealed yet in the documentation received, but as soon as it begins to open positions on my account, I will see. For now, I started it with 10% risk on an IC Markets demo account.

During the communication and installation, the robot was already quite familiar to me. I’m not sure, but the Best Scalper robot came immediately to my mind. That had a similar operation and trading time. Are these be close relatives? This may turn out once.

The robot is not cheap anyway. The version running on one live account costs USD 499, while the version that can be used on two live accounts is available for USD 699. In any case, if it will be successful, it will no longer seem expensive.You can find the robot’s website here, and there you can buy it:  

Empire of Scalping Forex EA 

I managed to make a deal with the developer of the EOS Forex robot and from now on, the EOS FOREX EA can be purchased with a 20% discount. I think, several people are interested in this robot, because, on the basis of my demo account and the live account on its web site, it has chances for successful trading.

Click here to buy it: EOS FOREX EA

The coupon code you need to enter when purchasing it: WAHU
You can track my demo accounts here

With best pairs:

With all pairs:

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