Introduction of the Channel Trader Pro Forex Robot

20150626channeltrader-550x268A few days ago, I received a notice about the launch of this new robot, the Channel Trader Pro. The development team consists of old acquaintances, I have tried several of their robots, so I was curious to see what they have introduced recently.

The Channel Trader Pro uses a micro-break strategy on shorter time horizons. Tests have shown that this strategy performs outstandingly for the next three currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURJPY. To see what results it can bring, let’s look at the live account statement that can be found on their site:

So far, during the fourteen months that we can see, it made 137,700 dollars from 4,950 dollars, that is really a good result. I think, everyone could use such an account. Although, there was a month during this period in which it brought a minimal loss. So, do not be surprised if, after a month with a yield of + 44%, a month with – 2.5% is coming. This is not a bank deposit with a fix yield of 0.1-0.2% per month.

Its performance curve is rising steadily, with no major setbacks. The value of open positions is relatively high sometimes, but the percentage of these is less than the expected monthly yield, so it is acceptable for me. The rate of successful trades is very high, thanks to the strategy and the 200-pip stop loss, about which I’m not happy, but it seems that it works well.

More information can be found on the web page, but it is mostly long marketing text. You can find it here: Channel Trader Pro

The price of the robot is not low. One license costs USD 799, but you can pay in 3 installments, USD 347 each time. Of course, a 60-day money back guarantee comes with it as well.

My own demo account can be followed here:

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