Introduction of the Arteon Forex robot

I thought that the tedious layoff would continue, but it does not, because a new competitor, Arteon Forex Robot arrived. I like those robots that do not place pressure on us with marketing texts to buy their robots, because they will change our lives and all our financial troubles will be solved. What will be the end then? The fact that our capital invested will fly away. There is no bla-bla here, on the other hand, there are live account statements, which are quite promising. But we need to be careful, because this a dangerous product. Why?

So, the monthly average is absolutely great, and the biggest setbacks associated with it are acceptable. The robot uses stop-loss, you can see it on its result chart. That is a very demonstrative curve. But, you can see something else, which indicates that traders have to be careful with it.

This robot uses the Martingale strategy. The V-shaped sign on the chart warns about this. It shows that it does not matter if the robot loses, because the next trading will double the size of the previous, and if that is successful, in addition to the normal return, it will offset the previous loss. This works very well until the unfortunate row of losing trades will be so long that it takes our account down to zero in the meantime. So, be careful with this and take the profit as soon as you can, or at least, withdraw your starting capital. This can be done even within two months. The developers are aware of the risk, so they use only cent accounts. They do not risk too much, as the Real1 account starts with cents equivalent to USD 10. So, it is not worth experimenting with it below this amount. On a standard account, a starting capital of not less than USD 1000 is recommended, with 0:01 Lot position size. It is worth choosing the highest leverage possible so that it can give some reserve for trading. They use, as we can see, 1:1000 accounts. On the cent account, if you can choose, the fixed spread is favorable.

It is able to trade on up to six currency pairs, which are as follows: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP and USDCAD. However, if we take a closer look at the live account statements on the site, only the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY currency pairs can be seen there, so it is likely that it is worth uploading it only to these. They do not write anything about the entry strategy, so it will remain a secret for us for the time being.

If everything goes well, it will also be launched on my cent account. I hope that’ll be fun. It would not be wrong if it would trade successfully for a long time, and it would not immediately lose the starting capital.

Anyone who likes to experiment and can shop quickly, can get the Arteon Forex robot at a discounted price. The one-license version costs USD 149, while the two-license only USD 199.

Attention! There is no money back guarantee !!!

I do not know how long the discount period is. There are sites that write such a thing just as a marketing catch phrase, but there was a robot, which abolished it soon as and then traders could get it at full price.

The website of the Arteon Forex Robot can be found here, where you can also buy it:

Arteon Forex Robot


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