Introduction of Evertech Forex Robot

It was a dilemma for me, whether I should introduce the EVERTECH Forex Robot or not. Finally, I decided to write down what I think about it, there might be people stunned by the outstanding monthly average.

According to the live statement on the page, it can double our deposit quickly, because at the time of writing this introduction, its monthly average is 44%. It is impossible to predict, how long it can keep this result. We cannot even estimate it, because it uses grid-Martingale strategy, which guarantees that the life of the account will not be eternal. But courageous investors can earn a lot with it with a little luck. You need to understand that there are no outstanding returns without risk.

It needs an account of USD 1000 at least, because it starts to trade the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs only with 0:01 lot even with this amount.

The price of the EVERTECH Forex Robot is not too bad, since it is only USD 179. But if you want to run it on multiple accounts, the version for 2 or 20 accounts can be much cheaper per account. It offers a satisfaction guarantee, but I cannot find the details of it at first glance. Although there are not many things on the site, which is an advantage, because it does not want to sell itself with marketing text, but with its results.

The website can be found here, where you can also buy it: EVERTECH Forex Robot

I cannot show you an own account for the time being, instead of that here is the live account statement that can also be found on its web site:

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