Introduction of Einstein Trader Forex Robot

A number of different strategies can be used for trading. There are better known and less known among these, safer and less or not safe ones as well. Einstein Trader is a Forex robot operating with a safe strategy, scalping. The developer is not unknown to us, because it launched the Million Dollar Pips Forex robot a few years ago. At that time, it made a big storm, but has completely been forgotten because it could never reproduce on live accounts even a fraction of the profit made on demo accounts.

The essence of scalping in short, is that it trades small movements (5-10 pips) with relatively large position sizes, in general with very tight stop-losses. The positions are not open for a long time, so there are no sleepless nights. The condition for effective trading is a low-spread account, which can be either ECN or STP. One of the main conditions of efficiency is the proper entry and exit strategy.

Let’s start immediately with the essence, the live account statement. There are more of them on the page.

Please note which statement is live and which is demo (2 and 4)! We can see much better results on the demo than on the live account. I conclude from this that the implementation time has worsen the outcome. So, if you can, install it on a VPS server located in the city of the brokerage firm to have faster communication. (We had to fight the same in case of the Million Dollar Pips too)

But let’s look at the live accounts (1, 3, 5)! The first is almost three years old. This is quite interesting. In addition, there is no data on it in 2015. May this be an earlier account started with a different strategy? They hopefully do not do such a thing. In any case, it shows that we can expect relatively more consolidated results in the longer term than what we can see on other accounts, since they are only a few months old.
Yet, it would be good to have 40-60% monthly income, with a drawdown below 20%. As we can see, there may be such periods in the short term, and also months when we need to be content with zero or smaller minuses. But it seems to be acceptable.

The list of trades has some more interesting things as well. I do not really understand why the position sizes are different and what the system in their enterprise is. Specifically, a given position size is followed sometimes with positions ten times as big, then smaller ones come again, but in a system that is still mysterious for me. I have already crossed out the option that it ten-folds after losing trades, because it does not. We will find this out at some point, or will not.

My own demo account has already been started, but most likely, I will have to try it on a live account in case of good results, because that will show its true results. It’s good that it can run even on a USD 100 account, but we can open an ECN account at IC Markets with USD 200, that will hopefully be suitable for it.

Its price is not low. But compared to what. If the information on the site is true, its USD 497 price is earned back on a USD 1,000 account in a month. And if it does not work out, we can still claim the price back, since it provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. It is distributed through Clickbetter, where there is usually no problem with getting the money.

You can find the web site of the robot here:

Einstein Trader Forex Robot

You can track my demo accounts here:

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