Introducing The Math Fx Pro Forex Robot


I thought the summer would be idle, but I was wrong. I recently got a notice about the launch of the Math Fx Pro Forex robot. I checked it and found it sympathetic.

Let’s see the details! No, not the marketing texts, but the live account statement, which already says a lot. Interestingly, there are some characteristics on the robot’s website that I think are worth examining on a myfxbook statement. They raise awareness on the authentication, the steady monthly performance and the withdrawal. Meanwhile, it appears that the presentation of their account is cent based, that means the profit is several magnitude orders less in dollars than presented. However, the result is nice even counted in cents.

The monthly average is very nice, over 30%. In addition, the drawdown is smaller in its case. So it hits pretty often when to open a position. This is shown by the outstanding profit factor as well. (On WS Asia, the value of the best GBPCAD pair is 3.64 only, while here, this was 5.57 at the time of writing the article!)

I realized that a few exceptionally good months brought this very nice average. I do not know why the list of closed and open positions was disabled. It must have also included some more interesting things, I think.

It is true that it is not a Martingale robot according to the website, but it is interesting that there are only small setbacks, which are then adjusted. So, it acts as a Martingale robot. The demo account will show this anyway. (At present, it appears that the value of the pending positions is growing, but it is not critical. Time will show what will happen to it later on.)

I am especially glad that the statement displays more than a year, and the initial amount of $ 25.900 is a good cause for trust as well.

If this Forex robot really works like this, it seems plausible that they do not make a living from the sale of the robot, trading brings enough for a quiet life.

Otherwise, the site shows that the creators prepare personalized indicators, scripts facilitating trading and Forex robots as well. If someone has a strategy, they undertake the programing of it. (So, they can really learn a lot! Most probably they managed to get a few good ideas.) They have already developed more than 3000 different Expert Advisors.

The cost of it is $ 399, and since it is distributed by ClickBetter, the usual 60-day money back guarantee applies to it, too.

The robot’s website, where you can also buy it: Math FX Pro

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