Forex Thor Robot

A new Forex robot developed in Germany was officially released on 16. of December. I think it is well worth getting acquainted with it:

The description mentions that it is the most advanced system developed under mt4. It features a very good win/loss ratio. So far, its statement of account clearly shows that we can not expect trades every day, but if it starts trading, it might carry out 10-15 trades within minutes. So it waits for the suitable day and then it spreads the market with trades.

  • The robot operates on the basis of the Quant logic that has not been applied anywhere before (I do not know what that means but it sounds good).
  • The applied algorithm is used by professional investors as well.
  • It is extremely fast, as it was developed in C++, not in mgl language.
  • It does not use any known indicators or outdated trading systems, and its results speak for themselves in all circumstances.
  • It supports any kinds of accounts from $100.
  • In addition, it can speak, though I think it does not make much sense when running the robot on a server, and also if somebody does not speak English.
  • The built-in auto update system always downloads the latest version automatically.
  • The Premium version is able to run simultaneously on 5 live accounts.
  • Nonstop phone, email and chat support.

The robot applies a very small,  6-8 pips stoploss and a profit-taking up to 40 pips is also possible. This ratio could be successful even in the course of manual trading. The success rate of the system is 60%, at which extremely good results can be expected, when you consider the SL/TP ratio. The graph of its results looks really very nice:

It does not base its trades on the usual indicators built on historical data, because that would not show proven stable success. Instead, the market depth, ie. the supply-demand ratio is taken into account when determining the trading direction. Watching the video on the website, its basic principle seems to be convincing. It is worth watching all the videos. I would be ready to accept the statements of account on the website as my own accounts.

The robot features a 90 day money back guarantee!


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