Download free FOREX robots

I managed to get a couple of free Forex robots. I am not convinced that all of them work well, because it is very difficult to find one that is worth using on a live account even among the paid robots. But one of the robots I’ve found looks like the 1.4 version of the WallStreet Asia robot. It is true, that it was launched in 2015, but it serves on several of my live accounts even today. It seems that someone managed to make it work without registering, even on a live account.

You can download the robot from here.

The setup guide is here. (In the beginning, there are some common things with the simple WS, you can find the part dealing with the Asia at the end).

By default, the robot retrieves the current settings on each boot, but we do not know if this actually happens in case of this version, so be sure to load the supplied setup files. Based on experience, it is advisable to upload it to an ECN account or an STP account with very low spreads. You can expect long-term positive results on the GBPCAD pair.

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