A long forgotten robot, the Forex Earth Robot

Those who have downloaded the manual and tested the free robot available on my site, may recognize the Forex Earth Robot after installation, as it is the paying version of the Last X-Bars that was available for free earlier.

I do not want to waste many words on it, but improvements are supposed to have been made on it and it is now trading more successfully than the previous version.

It uses tighter stop-loss among other things, the number of open positions is limited, and other logic have been incorporated into it that closes the positions opened in the wrong direction before the stop-loss takes effect. Thus, it is overall more effective.

It is delivered with settings suitable for more pairs, not just the previously used EURUSD can be traded, but it works also on GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCH. However, substantive results, based on statements on the site, can only be expected on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs .

Its price is low enough to be available for everyone, since it costs only USD 99, and even a 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

You can find its website here and you can buy it here as well: Forex Earth Robot

Here is my demo account statement:

Forex Earth and Last X-Bars

I had some time and analyzed how the settings of the paying Forex Earth and the free Last X-Bars robots differ. Two points are different, on the basis of which Forex Earth works with higher risk, but also with higher yield. When the market is favorable for it. I could not compare their operating logic, but the two robots have been running absolutely together so far. The positions are the same too.

Anyone who wants to experiment with it, can download the settings of Forex Earth free of charge here and can upload them to the Last X-Bars robot.


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