Introduction of the Forex Cyborg Forex robot

While browsing the internet, I found the Forex Cyborg Forex robot. I looked more closely at its statement, and found it interesting.

Why do I like it? I did not find any signs on the live statement that would indicate grid or martingale strategies. Moreover, its monthly average result met my expectations. Floating was also […]

Volatility Factor Pro 2.0 arrived

I started testing Volatility Factor several times, but it has not brought acceptable results so far. Now Volatility Factor Pro 2.0 is here, and I am browsing its website with mixed feelings.

Among other things, I have my doubts, because I can see a lot of mistakes at once, that cause distrust. As I see […]

Introduction of the MyBitcoinBot Forex robot

I confess frankly, am not enthusiastic about the crypto currencies. But luckily. I do not have to own such money in order to take advantage of its volatility, I still can make money with Bitcoin, with the help of the MyBitcoinBot Forex robot. […]