Think Markets

My number one favorite. Originally an Australian brokerage firm, but through this link, we can open an account at their UK company headquartered in London. The big advantage of this is the high deposit insurance and the favorable taxation. Not incidentally, the robots like their Standard STP account. They have very low spreads. This is why most of my live accounts are held here. The cash movements are flexible and, until now, the amount withdrawn has always arrived at my account in a few days. If you trade a lot, you can use their free VPS service. However, you need to trade at least 10 or 20 Lots a month to get this, depending on the type of VPS. The servers they use are in London.



IC Markets

– My favorite number two. Originally, I opened an account with them, because they offered an ECN account with the lowest opening amount. If any of the robots needs this type of account, it is clear that I open it there. It is an Australian company, but the servers are in the US.



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